Kudos from former and current clients.

“The team at Racket Publishing is phenomenal. I absolutely love how Reimagining Payments turned out.”

—Michelle Ann Gitlitz, author of Reimagining Payments

“I love our ideation sessions. They inspire me and bring the best out of me.”


“Phil Simon was instrumental in helping us get our latest book published. From content organization to layout and editing to proofing, Simon and his crew were with us every step of the way. They even handled our last-minute requests with professionalism and a can-do attitude.”

—Scott Batchelor, Marketing Communications Director, SAS

“Phil Simon helped us to publish our first MIKE2.0 book in 2013. We didn’t really realize how much more work needs to be done to get a book published even after you have written all of the content.

Simon and his team took excellent care of all the editing and proofreading, creating the cover art and dozens of diagrams, publishing, and distribution via print and e-book channels. And equally important, everyone provided advice and project management throughout the process. This was very reassuring.

The team was easy to work with, very collaborative but also well organized. I highly recommend Simon to anyone who is thinking about publishing a book without the hassle of a large publishing house.”

—Andreas Rindler, Cofounder, MIKE 2.0

“Publishing a book is no easy task. Just like anything else in life, your book will only get one shot with consumers. In many cases, this will happen before they ever pick it up and read a page. Your book must compel people to not only pick it up, but to also want to read more than the first and last paragraph. Motion offers you the ability to accomplish all of these goals.

I was impressed with the high level of guidance and expertise that Simon and his team offer.”

—Courtney R. Logan, Author, Shaped by Fire

“The Internet provides powerful capabilities to help people achieve their goals. Phil Simon and his team understand how technology enables creative endeavors like books.

Simon gives great advice based on his considerable experience. His infusion of reality and no-holds-barred pragmatism will help you succeed.”

—William McKnight, author and consultant

“Simon and his crew are a breath of fresh air. As a publishing consultant, Phil helped me better define my next book and broke the logjam.”

—Mike Schrenk, author, speaker, and consultant

“Phil Simon provided enormous clarity in a confusing publishing landscape. It was able to simplify the publishing process, connect me to the right people, and reassure me that I was on track. As a result, my idea became a successfully published in under 90 days. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

—Krista Whitley, author, Social Media Unicorn

“As a first-time author, the best decision I made was enlisting the assistance of Phil Simon. His suggestions helped make my book better than I realized it could be.”

—Jeffrey Pelletier, über Marillion fan and, author of The Invention of Crowdfunding

“Phil Simon is laser-focused on bringing remarkable products to market.”

—Nikos Acuña, author, Mindshare